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Now accepting students for Violin and Drum Lessons too!


No registration fee for those who register before July 31, 2024  

Inquire today before lesson days/times are all taken!


Private Lessons in 







Summer Session

June 1 - August 18th


Closed for Holiday

Thurs. July 4th 

End of Summer Party/Concert

Sunday 8/11


DAMA Student of the 

Month for May 2024

is Rose Das!

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to learn more about


Congratulations Rose!

Students come from neighborhoods near Cory Merrill, Wash Park, Belcaro, Glendale,

Virginia Village, University Hills, Cherry Creek,  Lowry and all over  Denver  metro for fun 

Music Lessons
at Denver Academy of Musical Arts



Custom Curriculum At DAMA, we know that no two students are alike.  We know that students learn at different rates. With that in mind, we don't make our students work through a specific method book series.  This can be boring and unrewarding. Instead, we create lessons specifically for each student by pulling from several sources.  We teach music reading, theory, scales and chord progressions right from the start. 

Learning how to read music


Fun Lessons We think learning should be fun and rewarding.  That's why we incorporate games and props into lessons. (Ask us about Frog Jenga).  

Practicing the piano in small sections
We use lots of props to help young students learn.
Enjoy playing the piano at Denver Academy of Musical Arts


Incentives, Incentives, Incentives We also have fun incentives in place like our monthly raffle with cash prizes.  Students earn tickets to put in the raffle based on the amount of time that they practice each week. We count the tickets each month and post the results illustrated by a horse race. The winner receives a medal and it is posted in our monthly newsletter.  Students who practice twenty hours or more each month receive a special medal and are also honored in our monthly newsletter.

Students who practice the most in a month is awarded a medal.
Our Monthly Practice Derby
Students who practice at least 20 hours each month earn a special medal
Raffle Tickets for cash prizes
 Completing theory worksheets gives students a chance to win the pin.
DAMA Treasure Box


​The Treasure Box

We give students a special coin each week after their lesson if they stayed focused and had a good attitude. When they collect 5 coins they get to "shop" in our treasure box or our treat box (With parent's permission).

DAMA Treat Box


Student of the Month

The most prestigious incentive is our Exceptional Student of the Month award. The recipient wins a trophy, $50 and is featured in a video in our newsletter, our website and social media.  Their name is also displayed on a plaque in our lobby. 

DAMA Student of the Month Plaque
DAMA Student of the Month wins trophy and $50
DAMA Concert/Pizza Party


Performance Opportunities We host two big recitals at our facility and we encourage students to take advantage of the two rehearsals in order to practice playing in front of people. Our recitals aren't stuffy and proper like the days of old.  We celebrate our students progress and their dedication to learning. We even have yummy refreshments. We also host 2 concert/pizza parties each year. The party in October is a costume concert with games and, or course pizza! We honor students with their own concert when they have amassed a repertoire. They can gather their family and friends together and perform an exclusive concert just for them. 



Luther is our receptionist

Large, Fun Waiting Area DAMA, parents love our facility because we have a big waiting area so they can spread out and read some popular magazines or work on the latest puzzle or sit at a table and work on their laptops.  Siblings love our facilities because there's a table for drawing and coloring or writing on the big white board.  And everyone loves our receptionist, Luther. He is a 1 year old Golden Doodle who greets everyone and then does nothing except for shamelessly looking cute to get pats on the head or a scratch on his belly.  (Luther loves his crate and stays in there if students or parents aren't into dogs.)


Workshops and Summer Camps We offer workshops for everyone, not just students taking private lessons. There's acting, composing, group singing and performance workshops. We have a preschool music workshop for 3-5 year olds and We have super fun summer camps for musical kids in grades  1 - 6.

DAMA Summer Camp Fun
Lil' Buds Preschool Class for 3-5 year olds.


No Contracts, Easy pay invoices and options for cancelled lessons 

  • We do not require contracts that obligate students to continue lessons if they don't want to. We invoice at the beginning of every month and students may continue until they become professional musicians (if they want to). 

  • Many private music teachers and schools do not offer any options if a student must cancel their lesson.   At DAMA we give our students 5 options! We offer  group classes at no charge so students can collaborate and learn about musical topics that go more in depth than regular lesson time allows.  Students can even sign up for classes even before they have to cancel. We also offer video lessons or a pre-recorded video lesson that can be viewed at anytime. Students can also give their lesson time to a family member or friend if they can't attend.  

  • We invoice for the exact number of weeks in each month.  Some schools have a set amount each month no matter if there are 3, 4, or 5 weeks in the month. We don't think that is fair to our students who miss lessons because a holiday falls on their lesson day but still get charged the same amount. 

  • Paying your invoice is easy! We offer online payment with credit card or,  we accept Venmo, Zelle or a check. 

Students and Teachers have a special bond


The Most Important Reason You Will Love our School

 The main reason we are different, and maybe the most important reason, is our teachers.  Our teachers are not just talented and educated musicians, they are caring and patient instructors.  They genuinely want to pass along their knowledge and their passion for their instrument (or voice) to the next generation.  A strong bond between music teachers and their students is something we believe makes all the difference in the world to bring out the students' highest potential.   

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