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You're Invited! 

5:00 pm 

Please RSVP by 10/15/23

Costume Concert / Pizza Party 

Sunday, October 22nd

Dress up in your favorite costume and play the piano at Denver Academy of Musical Arts
DAMA Pizza Party/Costume Concert

 The Spooky Details

  • Join us for a spooky, musical party! Everyone who performs must wear a costume!  

  • This is not a formal recital. We will be playing party games while students are performing. This will give students the opportunity to get practice playing for an audience who is not focused solely on them.  This takes away some of the pressure and helps to promote a positive experience. 


  • Adults who play an instrument or sing are also encouraged to perform but they must wear a costume too! 


  • We will have pizza and dessert and non-alcoholic beverages, however,  adults may bring their own “adult” beverages and/or snacks if they wish.

Costume Concert / Pizza Party



RSVP for DAMA Costume Concert/Pizza Party 2023

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Pizza, desserts and beverages will be served. Adults may BYOB.

Everyone is encouraged to wear a costume but performers must where one.  We will be playing music trivia games while others are performing. 

There is no fee to attend the party. Donations are voluntary and much appreciated! 

Thank you! 

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