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January 2024

Denver Academy of Musical Arts Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

May this year be filled with lots of joyful memories!

Thank you all for a wonderful  recital!
Student of the Month December 2023
Denver Academy of Musical Arts  Leo's road trip

We don't usually award a Student of the Month for December because it's a short month but a few students did manage to take extra lessons. Out of those students, one stood out for putting in extra effort, his great attitude and for making piano a priority this month. Leo Cole is only 6 years old. He has been taking lessons since he was only 4. He is AMAZING at reading music and, even though he is working with tiny fingers, he will not be deterred from reaching big chords. He can focus like kids twice his age and he is always kind and respectful. Take a look at the video to learn more about Leo and his sweet family.


How to Win Student of the Month

• Focus during lessons

• Follow directions

• Have a good attitude

• Practice and come to lessons prepared

• Show initiative to learn and improve

• Attend at least 4 lessons in one month

• Be ready to perform the song you are working on

Are you doing everything right but you didn't get chosen for Student of the Month? Keep in mind there are over 50 students enrolled in DAMA and students who are chosen have worked exceptionally hard or have showed exceptional initiative. It's a difficult decision to  make and sometimes it comes down to whether students who have been working on a piece are ready to perform it yet or if they had to cancel lessons during the month. It is not about who is the most talented or who has the most potential. It is about honoring the student who stood out because of their work ethic,  attitude and  initiative. Be sure to talk with your teacher if you have questions or concerns.

Denver Academy of Musical Arts Practice Derby


1ST PLACE: Rose D.

2ND PLACE: Fiona S.

3RD PLACE: Leo C & Simon W.



1st ticket = $25

Rose D.

2nd ticket= $15

Elsa P.

3rd ticket = $5

Olivia D.


Thank you to Felix for picking the raffle tickets this month.

Denver Academy of Musical Arts  winning raffle tickets

Win the Pin!

A New Weekly Incentive

  • Students will be given a music worksheet to take home each week based on their level of understanding.


  • The worksheets are designed so that students may need to research the answers or get help from parents.


  • Topics include: Music Theory, Music History, Composers and Music Trivia.


  • The worksheets are not mandatory but those who choose to complete them will be entered into a weekly drawing.


  • Students who get more than 2 answers wrong on the worksheet will not be eligible for that week's drawing. Blank answers = an incorrect answer.)


  • The winner will get to choose a pin of their choice to keep.


  • Check out all the new pins!


  • Fun to wear on your jacket or put them on your book bag or music bag.

Denver Academy of Musical Arts Win the Pin Simon
Denver Academy of Musical Arts Win the Pin Eli
Denver Academy of Musical Arts  Win the Pin Sadie
Denver Academy of Musical Arts Win the Pin Campbell
Denver Academy of Musical Arts Birthdays


Stella Moats 1/5

Eli Lintzenich 1/15

Felix Martorano 1/26

Aiden Louie 1/28


Lessons Resume

Tuesday Jan. 2nd


Lil' Buds Preschool Music Workshop

6 week workshop

Starts January 20th


Pajama Pizza Party Concert

Sunday March 10th at 5pm

All performers must wear PJs.


Spring Break

Let your child's teacher know which week

your child will not be attending their lesson.


Spring Recital

Sunday, May 19th

Time TBD 

Denver Academy of Musical Arts

From Miss Michele's Bench

Happy 2024! Since we aren't together to toast the new year, let's do a mental toast right now that this year will bring good fortune to all of us! CHEERS!


Thank you all so much for making our Winter Holiday recital so much fun! I know how hard most of our students worked to learn their songs and how brave they had to be to perform. I hope they know by now that it's not about whether or not they played their best, it's about trying. I read something recently that gave me an "ah-ha moment". I'm paraphrasing but basically it's that "There is no such thing as failure, only results". If we choose to view all outcomes as feedback, then the results are useful.


For instance, in the first recital group, I started to play my song and my mind went completely blank. Even though I can play that song backwards and forwards, my mind got highjacked. I could blame it on the migraine or the stress but in reality, it was just a plain old memory lapse that happens to the best of us. From past experience, I learned the only way I can get back on track is to look at my music so I ran off and got my music.


In the past, I would be absolutely devastated and embarrassed by my memory lapse. I would be in a bad mood for days and question my ability to play the piano anymore. But I'm proud to say that I have evolved. I found the good thing that could come from me messing up. I think it taught our students that it's okay to mess up. Even people who have been playing the piano for 50 years can mess up. I don't think they think less of me for it. I showed them that nothing bad happened. I didn't get tomatoes (or cookies) thrown at me, although I don't think cookies would be a bad thing. JK.

Anyway, I hope I handled that in a way that taught my students something valuable, at the expense of my ego, but that's okay.

Denver Academy of Musical Arts Miss Michele

I can't even tell you all how much it meant to me to feel the outpouring of love you all gave me after Lola passed. I have been trying to get mentally prepared for my mom's passing but I certainly was not prepared to say goodbye to Lola yet.


She was the first dog that I had all to myself. I always had family dogs. She was truly my companion and I miss her. It was painful to see all the kids at their first lesson after she passed. They were so sad and it was touching how they tried to comfort me.


I started looking for a new pup with the intent that I would take my time and find just the right companion. Lola was such a perfect, mild mannered lady and I figured it would be hard to find any dog close to that.


The first dog I met jumped on me at the door, peed on my shoe and took off running down the street. Her owners were still looking for her when I left. Then I filled out paperwork to adopt a dog in North Carolina but I realized that it would be a long traumatic flight and I didn't want to put a dog through that. There had to be a dog closer to home. I became obsessed.


After several days of searching I believe I found my new companion! I don't know how he is at being a receptionist though. He was previously unemployed but I think I can train him. He is only 10 months old and he is also a Golden Doodle like Lola but not quite as big. His mom can't take care of him anymore because her job status changed and he would be alone most of the day. She wants better conditions for him. I told her that he would be around kids and music and be loved a lot. I met him and we hit it off. His name is Luther. He is very very sweet and he is trained to do some tricks too! I'll be bringing him home the first weekend in January. Hopefully we can get our routine down quickly and he can start his receptionist duties soon or at least answer the phones. :)


Denver Academy of Musical Arts  Miss Michele's Bench
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