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October 2023 Newsletter
Halloween fun at Denver Academy of Musical Arts

Costume Concert/Pizza Party


October 22nd 5pm

at the studio

You're Invited

  • All guests are encouraged to wear a costume but everyone who performs MUST wear a costume!  

  • This is not a formal recital. We will be playing party games and mingling while students are performing. This will give students the opportunity to get practice playing for an audience who is not focused solely on them.  This takes away some of the pressure and helps to promote a positive experience. 


  • Adults or students' siblings who play an instrument or sing are also encouraged to perform but they must wear a costume too! 


  • We will have pizza and dessert and non-alcoholic beverages, however,  adults may bring their own “adult” beverages and/or snacks if they wish.

The Spooky Details

Performing in costume at Denver Academy of Musical Arts
Grey Round Patterns

Win the Pin!

A New Weekly Incentive

  • Students will be given a music worksheet to take home each week based on their level of understanding.


  • The worksheets are designed so that students may need to research the answers.


  • Topics include: Music Theory, Music History, Composers and Music Trivia.


  • The worksheets are not mandatory but those who choose to complete them will be entered into a weekly drawing.


  • Students who get more than 2 answers wrong on the worksheet will not be eligible for that week's drawing. Blank answers = an incorrect answer.)


  • The winner will get to choose a pin of their choice to keep.

Win the Pin at Denver Academy of Musical Arts

Are you doing everything right but you didn't get chosen for Student of the Month? 

Keep in mind there are over 60 students enrolled in DAMA and students who are chosen have worked exceptionally hard or have showed exceptional initiative. It's a difficult decision to  make and sometimes it comes down to whether students who have been working on a piece are ready to perform it yet or if they had to cancel lessons during the month. It is not about who is the most talented or who has the most potential. It is about honoring the student who stood out because of their work ethic,  attitude and  initiative. 

Be sure to talk with your teacher if you have questions or concerns.



Campbell Graham was awarded our Exceptional Student of the Month for September 2023!

She has been taking piano lessons with Miss Michele since January but she was involved in another music program before coming to DAMA. Campbell has been working hard to learn a Bach Prelude as her challenge piece and she also had fun learning a duet with her Dad, who is an accomplished pianist. Take a look at her interview to learn more about Campbell and to hear her play.

How to Win Student of the Month

  • Focus during lessons

  • Follow directions

  • Have a good attitude

  • Practice and come to lessons prepared

  • Show initiative to learn and improve

  • Attend at least 4 lessons in one month

  • Be ready to perform the song you are working on

Raffle tickets for Practicing at Denver Academy of Musical Arts
May Raffle Winners:
 $25  1st Place = Max C.

$15  2nd Place = Campbell G.

 $5  3rd Place = Lila H.

Thank you to Campbell for picking the tickets. 

Raffle tickets are picked on the 1st of the Month.  Students 7 and younger receive 1 ticket for every 15 minutes of practice. Students 8 and older receive 1 ticket for every 30 minutes of practice. 1 ticket is awarded for each lesson.

The student with the most tickets at the end of the month will receive a medal.  

Practice Derby at Denver Academy of Musical Arts
Practice Derby Winners:

1st Place= Lydia and Nolan B. (26)

2nd Place Tie = Eli L. (24)

 3rd Place = Campbell G.  (23)

Practice Derby results at Denver Academy of Musical Arts
Birthdays announced at Denver Academy of Musical Arts

Sam M.  10/12

Max H.  10/20

Lucy W. 10/29

Oct. Birthdays
Calendar of events at Denver Academy of Musical Arts
Mark your Calendar:

Costume Concert/Pizza Party

Sunday October 22nd-time 5pm

All are welcome but those who perform must wear a costume. Spooky treats and pizza provided.


Lil' Buds Preschool Classes

Starts November 1st for 6 weeks


Thanksgiving Holiday

November 23rd and 24th

No lessons


Winter Holiday Recital

Sunday, December 17th

Rehearsals 12/15 and 12/16

Times TBD


Winter Break

December 23-January 2nd

No lessons

From Miss Michele's Bench

Miss Michele's bench atDenver Academy of Musical Arts

As you know by now, we are having a costume concert / pizza party! I feel like students who worked really hard over the summer on their songs need a chance to show them off and I wanted to give them another opportunity to perform before December.


Performing is a big part of being a musician. Whether they end up at Carnegie Hall or not, it's important that they learn to be able to share their music.


Since recitals are usually very nerve wracking for most, I wanted to provide a very casual, low pressure environment for them to get practice performing. Halloween is the perfect time of year to do this. Please understand that things will be going on while people are performing so if you are wanting to record your child while they are playing, the audience will be talking and it won't be a quiet environment like at recitals. There will be no program to follow and once all performers have participated, people can play their song again or play a different song -time permitting.

Denver Academy of Musical Arts Miss Michele

I'm hoping everyone will wear a costume although students who perform MUST wear a costume. (My theory is that wearing a costume makes us fee less vulnerable). Parents and siblings who play an instrument or sing are also encouraged to participate. Your children will LOVE to see you perform!



I'll have tables set up and some music trivia questions to entertain everyone and we will have pizza too! Adults may BYOB. I am told that we don't need a liquor license if we aren't selling alcohol; just please make sure no minors in your care are served!


Please RSVP by 10/15 so can get an idea of how to set up the room. I hope this big experiment will be fun and we can make it a tradition.


As always, thanks so much for allowing Abby, Jeff and me the opportunity to work your children and share our love of music with them.


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